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  • Where It Started

    The Quest:
    To Do Good,
    To Be Better

    The result: The amazing Kodiak 100 all-weather, rough-terrain workhorse.

    The Kodiak line of aircraft was founded in the Pacific Northwest with a mission — to design and produce the next generation of short takeoff and landing aircraft capable of bringing services and heavy supplies to the most remote regions on the planet. The Kodiak 100 was first introduced in 2007 by Quest Aircraft Company, which was subsequently acquired by the Daher Group, which is among the top 10 business aircraft manufacturers in the world.

    Although the company’s founding may be rooted in humanitarian aid, it did not take long for the rest of the world to realize that this ultra-modern, ultra-safe and extremely rugged plane had a place in business and general aviation.

    The Kodiak fills a niche somewhere between helicopter and business jet — able to haul cargo or passengers in refined luxury, takeoff under 1000 ft. and fly 1000 miles with amazing economy.

    It is the only sport utility vehicle with wings.

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  • Kodiak Today

    From Bush Plane To Luxury SUV With Wings

    In 2019, the Quest Aircraft Company was acquired by Daher Group, a French industrial conglomerate that works in the aerospace, defense, nuclear, and automotive industrial sectors in the fields of manufacturing, services and transport.

    With the integration of Quest, Daher Aerospace has now broadened its aircraft range – bringing the Kodiak together with the its line of TBM turboprop aircraft. In addition to creating significant synergy across the Kodiak and TBM families, the integration further reinforces Daher Aerospace’s capability to continue a dynamic strategy of regular improvements and enhancements to their aircraft offerings.

    Today, the Kodiak has found new markets throughout the world: Replacing the aging single-engine STOL aircraft (many from the 1950s); supplying aerial surveillance vehicles to parks and police; assisting in wildlife management; and, providing revenue-enhancing platforms to air taxi services, backcountry outfitters and parachute clubs.

    Business aviation has discovered an economical alternative to expensive jet service to intra-state destinations. Farmers, ranchers and rural estate owners use the Kodiak as their get in, get out transportation choice. Companies with far-flung service areas use the Kodiak as their alternative to time-consuming road trips. Add to this the city-bound who use the Kodiak as their urban escape vehicle.

    The world has caught on. This mission to do good and be better has now led to a global market including Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

    Not bad for a company with the vision to think big.

  • Sandpoint, Idaho

    Tradition Lives On In Sandpoint Idaho

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    Aviation's Made-by-Hand Tradition Lives on in Sandpoint Idaho

    Seattle, Wichita and Toulouse are among the great aviation manufacturing centers, but the small Northern Idaho town of Sandpoint is where the tradition of crafting a plane literally from scratch survives and thrives. While other manufacturers may outsource production, Kodiak employs their community to craft the aircraft in America.

    Kodiak’s home base was somewhat accidental and lucky. The founders lived in the Sandpoint area, but the nearby Spokane area had become a home for an aviation support industry. That and a ready supply of craftsmen whose skills were honed in logging, farming and construction provided Kodiak with a workforce.

    Add to this the mountains, lakes and dozens of backcountry airstrips to test the new aircraft and you have the perfect place to introduce a highly advanced and technically superior aircraft that is backed by the passion of its makers.

    Craftsmanship is at the heart of the Kodiak’s sturdy and reliable reputation.

  • Responsibility

    Committed to World Service. Beginning at Home.

    The Kodiak was conceived to serve the world. Many of the first planes, which were designed specifically for heavy-duty backcountry work, were delivered to humanitarian groups serving the most remote corners of the earth. Bringing doctors, medical supplies, food and educational materials, this fleet of Kodiak aircraft has become a lifeline to distant people.

    Nevertheless, Daher also serves the local communities of Sandpoint, Idaho, where they make the Kodiak, and Tarbes, France, where they make the TBM. Both communities benefit from training, careers and steady jobs.

    Our commitment to serve also recognizes our commitment to our beautiful natural environment. We are reminded of that every time we glance at the mountains and lakes of this breathtaking landscape that surrounds our factory.

    We channel that commitment into being as economical as possible. We use only what is needed and recycle as much as possible — even collecting the aluminum shavings for reuse elsewhere. Our planes are designed to be the most efficient and economical midsized, single-engine aircraft on the market. Keeping operating costs down improves our competitive advantage and produces less pollution.

    At Kodiak, we do our very best.

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    Our Ever-Expanding Global Dealer Network

    The Kodiak has a worldwide network of first class dealers and authorized sales representatives. Please use the map below to find the dealer representative for your area.