Redefining The Resort Experience

Delivering Luxury From Arrival to Departure

For many high-end resorts, the problem is extending the quality experience all the way to their guest’s arriving airplane and then providing a fast and safe way to visit the surrounding country. Like a limousine of the sky, the specially appointed Kodiak can meet incoming guests at their arrival airport and whisk them to their hotel in privacy and comfort.

Once there, the Kodiak can take them on excursions to those hard-to-reach secret spots or to major tourist attractions — all without the hassle of slow busses or taxis. Setouchi Resorts on Japan’s Inland Sea is among the growing number of hoteliers using Kodiaks to enhance the visitor experience.

The Bella Vista seaside resort near Hiroshima, Japan uses the Kodiak to extend their premium experience.

The exclusive Bella Vista Spa & Marina, on the Inland Sea of Japan, eliminated their “ last mile” problem by utilizing Kodiak seaplanes to shuttle guests from Hiroshima Airport in 15 minutes, a trip that normally takes 90 minutes by bus.

With the Kodiak’s capacity and low operating cost, the up-charge to guests is marginal, but the experience is unmatched. Guests are treated to breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful areas of Japan.

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