A Beautiful Day For A New York City Fly Over

Celebrating The Fourth of July and Honoring The Twenty-Year Anniversary of 9/11

Our Kodiak 100 demo team took our brand-new Series III with red, white and blue paint on a summer tour of The Big Apple and the lush landscapes around Long Island Sound.

We began our New York tour from Candlelight Farms Airport (11N), a beautiful turf airstrip in Connecticut. Our route took us down the Hudson River, along the New Jersey Palisades, and out over the New York Harbor. After a Statue of Liberty fly-by, we headed back up the Hudson River with the New York City skyline on our starboard side.

The weather could not have been better for a patriotic salute to the nation and this great city. With the Kodiak’s panoramic windows and ability to fly low and slow, the team was able to take in all the sights in comfort and style.

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