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The Most Advanced 10-seat Short Takeoff And Landing Turboprop

  • A smart aircraft built for the 21st century.
  • Built tough and safe for extreme missions.
  • Comfort, capacity and economy for business or personal use.
  • Only one pilot needed. A dream to fly.
  • Many missions. One aircraft.

Modern Equals Safe

The Kodiak is a thoroughly modern aircraft engineered in the 21st century and meeting the very latest FAA standards.

  • Innovative wing design for an extra margin of safety.
  • Engine and power to get you up and out quickly.
  • Tough gear for rough situations.
  • Fly safer in all-weather conditions.
  • Advanced avionics reduce workload and enhance situational awareness.

Infinitely Versatile

  • No runway, no problem.
  • Easily converts from passengers to cargo.
  • Large payload door.
  • Shorter wingspan to get intro narrow airstrips.
  • Fully adjustable seats with perfectly located panoramic windows.
  • Optional cargo pod for more storage.
  • Easily adapts to float plane use without structural upgrades.
Kodiak Specs

Kodiak range map


At 174 ktas, at 12,000 ft, fuel consumption is 48 gph yielding 1,005 nm over 5.8 hr


At 135 ktas, at 12,000 ft, fuel consumption is 33 gph yielding 1,132 nm over 8.4 hr

Disclaimer: This map is intended for estimating purposes only. Wind and weather conditions are not taken into consideration and flights should not be calculated based on this information. Please consult the Aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) for actual flight planning.

The Brains Behind the Brawn

Advanced technology for enhanced control.

  • Reduces cockpit workload.
  • Enhances situational awareness.
  • Take off to touch down navigational assistance.
  • Full integration of digital and communication platforms.
  • Synthetic vision and weather radar.
  • Integrated autopilot.


Airspeed vs. Altitude
Loading Capabilities
Range vs Payload
Range vs Payload

Performance is Everything

With every measure of performance, the Kodiak is in a class of its own.

  • Max speed 183 KTAS
  • Extended Range 1132 NM
  • Fuel economy 48 GPH
  • Climb Rate 1340 FPM
  • Takeoff 934 FT
  • Useful Load 3530 LBS
  • Optional cargo pod for additional convenient storage.
  • Easily adapts to float plane use without structural upgrades.

Safest, Most Efficient Seaplanes On The Market

  • Engineered to accept carbon fiber floats.
  • No structural upgrade required.
  • Reduced weight.
  • Corrosion resistant, salt water capable.

Exterior Options

Take Everything Along With A Cargo Pod

A custom-fitted cargo pod is available for wheeled Kodiak aircraft. It has a maximum load-carrying weight of 750 lbs divided into three compartments with individual doors. Its clean aerodynamic design results in very little performance reduction — only 1-2 knots less in cruise speed.

All-Weather Ready With TKS Ice Protection.

The TKS system makes the Kodiak Certified for Flight into Known Ice (FIKI). It incorporates porous titanium panels attached to leading edges. The 16-gallon tank yields 2.5 hrs of operation in normal icing conditions. Windshield ice protection is provided through windshield sprayers, which clear any ice build-up on the pilot’s windshield.

No Runway, No Worries With The 29” Tire Upgrade.

These larger tires provide improved handling and durability on rugged backcountry airstrips, and they also increase the landing weight to 7,255 lbs. If you’re thinking about remote operations, these tires are worthy of consideration.

Get Off The Water Quickly With Pitch Latch Propeller.

For those operating the Kodiak on floats, the pitch latch propeller allows the propeller to stay in a fine-pitch position when the engine is shut down. With the propeller in fine-pitch on start up, it takes less time to produce forward thrust to begin taxiing.


Located at the left wing root, this option gives the operator a simple, clean and easy way to quickly refuel both wing tanks utilizing one port. This option is installed as a post delivery STC.

Turned-Out Exhaust Stacks

Recommended for use with the optional aftermarket roll down door, the turned-out exhaust stacks direct exhaust away from the fuselage and reduce fumes near the aft door.

Keep It Clean With Gravel/Mud Deflectors.

The gravel and mud deflectors reduce debris impacts and accumulation when landing on unprepared landing strips. This is especially useful for backcountry operations.

Interior Options


To increase the endurance of the airplane and operate at higher altitudes, this upgrade replaces the 50 cubic foot 2 place oxygen bottle with a 115 cubic foot composite oxygen bottle and adds ports for 8 passengers. Also included are 2 crew masks with built-in microphones and 8 passenger masks.


The Kodiak has the ability to be optioned with a Cockpit Voice and Data Recorder. Different CVDR options may include a crash survivable memory unit, underwater locator beacon or independent recorder power supply.


Temperature controlled air can be distributed throughout the cabin via adjustable air outlets above the seats. The front pilot area and the rear passenger area can be separately controlled through the digital touch screen display.

Avionics Options


Kodiaks equipped with optional Garmin SurfaceWatch will have help in avoiding runway incursions and operating safely in the airport environment. Warnings will appear when taking off or landing on the wrong runway or on a runway that is too short.

Monitor Traffic With GTS 800 TAS.

This Traffic Advisory System (TAS) provides accurate, dynamic traffic surveillance by displaying nearby aircraft positions and providing ATC-like spoken audio alerts to help you quickly respond to potential flight path encroachments. Provides enhanced safety in busy airspace or where no ATC radar services are provided.

See It And Avoid It. WX-500 Stormscope.

The Stormscope allows pilots to make better route decisions in changing weather. The technology detects electrical discharge from storm cells and accurately displays areas of storm activity on the G1000 NXi.


From takeoff to landing, XM WX Satellite weather information boosts situational awareness through interactive graphical weather updates displayed on the G1000 NXi. You can also receive entertainment through 170 channels of music, news and sports.


An upgraded option on Series II, the GWX 70 is an all-in-one antenna/receiver/transmitter that provides 4-color storm cell tracking to the G1000 NXi. The selectable scan (up to 90 degrees) and pulse range lets the pilot hone in on target areas, plus full pitch-and-roll stabilization is available for smooth weather tracking during climbs or turns. The side view vertical scanning function allows it to profile storm tops, gradients and cell buildup activity at various altitudes. Weather Attenuated Color Highlight (WATCH™) can identify areas beyond the radar’s capability that may contain more hazardous areas of precipitation.


Turbulence Detection and Ground Clutter Suppression add additional functionality to the optional GWX-70 Weather Radar. Ground Clutter Suppression takes the guesswork out of interpreting what is on the screen by identifying radar ground returns and removing them from the display while turbulence detection can determine areas of turbulence that might contain particulates, like rain or hail.

Garmin Search and Rescue Card

The Garmin Search and Rescue feature allows for easy entry of search patterns into a flight path. This is fully integrated into the G1000 NXI so all the normal functions of a flight plan are incorporated (time, speed, distance, fuel remaining, etc.). The search and rescue flight plan can also be coupled to the GFC 700 autopilot allowing the pilot to be an extra set of eyes.

Jeppesen ChartView Card

This option brings an electronic version of Jeppesen’s extensive library of charts and airport diagrams directly to the Garmin G1000 NXi multi-function display. The pilot sees the aircraft’s present position on the chart. These electronic charts greatly reduce the amount of paper in the cockpit and help reduce pilot workload.

Paint Scheme Options

Your Kodiak can be delivered with any of nine standard paint combinations in two different paint scheme options. Custom paint schemes can be arranged at additional cost through your sales representative.