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A new Kodiak aircraft paint facility enters service at theSandpoint, Idaho production site of Daher’s Aircraft Division

Sandpoint, Idaho, USA, October 16, 2023 – Daher’s Aircraft Division has inaugurated a large new paint facility at its Kodiak Aircraft Company production site in Sandpoint, Idaho, marking the latest investment since Daher’s acquisition of the Kodiak utility airplane product line in 2019.

The 9,000-sq-ft. facility streamlines Sandpoint’s overall production process and further improves the build quality for this multi-role single-engine turboprop aircraft, which is produced in the Kodiak 100 and Kodiak 900 versions.

Daher invested $2.7 million in the new operation, which consists of separate preparation and paint booths – and was conceived with the possibility of additional expansion to meet increases in Kodiak production rates. A team of full-time highly skilled painters has been formed to staff the facility.

“This underscores our commitment to the Kodiak’s future as we evolve the aircraft family,” said Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division. “It follows the launch of two new Kodiak versions since Daher purchased the product line four years ago: the enhanced Kodiak 100 Series III, which we introduced during 2021; and the larger Kodiak 900, unveiled in July 2022.”

A Kodiak 100 fuselage is inspected
A Kodiak 100 fuselage is inspected after being painted in the new paint facility at Daher’s facility in Sandpoint, Idaho.

The Sandpoint painting operation mirrors the best practices process employed by Daher’s Aircraft Division at Tarbes, France for its TBM family of very fast turboprop aircraft, with major components – including the fuselage, wings, control surfaces, cowlings and doors – painted individually after coming out of manufacturing, and then flowed directly into the final assembly line.

The electrostatic painting technique is employed, ensuring a more environmentally friendly process as well as an enhanced surface finish for the aircraft components.

Until now, Kodiak aircraft were flown from Sandpoint to locations outside of Idaho for painting. This extended the production time, while also requiring control surfaces to be removed upon arrival, and then reinstalled once the procedure was completed. The ability to perform on-site painting reduces the overall Kodiak production cycle by approximately one week.

Aligned with Daher’s strategy of being a responsible corporate citizen in the regions that it is located, the company utilized local-area contractors for the new paint facility’s design and construction, while also working closely with the city of Sandpoint for the permit process.

A wing is painted in the newly inaugurated facility at the Kodiak aircraft production site in Sandpoint, Idaho.

About Daher – www.daher.com
As an aircraft manufacturer, manufacturer, manufacturing services provider and logistician, Daher today has approximately 12,000 employees with a turnover of 1.5 billion euros. Backed by its family ownership, Daher has been focused on innovation since its creation in 1863. With locations in some 20 countries across Europe, North America and Asia, Daher designs and develops value-added solutions for its aeronautical and industrial customers and partners.

About Daher’s aircraft product line – www.kodiak.aero / www.tbm.aero
Daher manufactures two families of single-engine turboprop airplanes: the Kodiak utility aircraft in Sandpoint, Idaho, USA, and the very efficient pressurized TBM in Tarbes, France.

The Kodiak models are unpressurized 8-10-seat airplanes equipped with Garmin’s G1000 NXi avionics. The Kodiak 100 series III powered by a 750 shp. PT6A-135 is capable of operating on uneven and unimproved runways, or on water in the amphibious version. The Kodiak 900 has a longer fuselage for more passenger room and cargo space, a cruise speed increase to 210 KTAS, and a greater useful load while offering a maximum range of 1,129 nm. Both offer a unique combination of robust construction, STOL characteristics and remarkable useful load, well-suited for multi-missions operations such as surveillance platform, medevac skydiving platform and more.

Daher introduced the larger Kodiak 900 version in 2022, featuring a fuselage length extension of 3.9 feet for more passenger room and cargo space, a cruise speed increase to 210 KTAS, and a greater useful load while offering a maximum range of 1,129 nm.

Current TBM models in production are the TBM 960 (described above), and the TBM 910, equipped with Garmin’s G1000 NXi avionics system, controlled by a keypad. Both models offer increased automation and superior performance.

As of October 15, 2023, a total of 331 Kodiak and 1,152 TBM aircraft had been delivered to international owners and operators, with the global fleet accumulating nearly 3 million flight hours.

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