The Kodiak 100 Series III is a new but continuously refined airplane. Unlike competitors that were designed decades ago, the Kodiak benefits from the latest advances in engineering and technology. The result is an increasingly safe, comfortable and efficient airplane.

A smarter, pilot-friendly cockpit. Improved situational awareness and safety.
More comfort for all passengers.


Safety is always standard with a Kodiak. With each generation, the Kodiak 100 has been continually upgraded. New technology and engineering features, along with modern certification requirements, have further enhanced safety and ease of operation.

Standard features, like the Garmin G1000 NXi, AOA, SurfaceWatch, Chartview, Synthetic Vision, GFC700 Autopilot with full envelope protection and level mode, provide enhanced situational awareness and an increased margin of safety. Add to this the reliable and powerful PT6-A turboprop, our unique discontinuous leading edge wing design that makes the plane resistant to stalls, and our high, sturdy landing gear built for the most demanding backcountry operations.

New to Series III is the optional GWX-75 Weather Radar. Displaying more color intervals than traditional four-color radars, the Doppler-enabled GWX-75 radar helps take the guesswork out of real-time weather tracking and analysis.


The Kodiak 100 was designed from the outset for float operations with no need for structural or aerodynamic upgrades. New to Series III, all Kodiaks will be equipped with pitch-latch propellers and lower fuselage skin gap fillet sealant, standard.

  • The pitch latch propeller allows operators to easily maneuver around the dock by enabling the propeller to stay in a fine pitch when shutting down. This gives the operator greater control and safety during float operations.
  • The lower fuselage skin-gap sealant adds a 5th step to our industry leading anti-corrosion process. This anti-corrosion sealant is added to prepare Kodiaks for high salinity environments.
  • A nearly eliminated zero-fuel weight increases operational effectivity allowing more useful load for shorter missions.

Every Kodiak 100 is now operationally float ready. It is the new standard.


Every new Kodiak 100 Series III comes with a beautifully designed and rugged interior with all of the amenities our customers expect. Our standard Timberline interior offers refined comfort and utility. Removable carpeted floors with nonstick flooring and easily removable Timberline seats make the Kodiak 100 the most versatile and luxurious standard interior in its class.

In addition to the maintenance package, each new Series III comes with 400 hours of Pratt & Whitney ESP coverage, a year of CAMP maintenance tracking, and one year of Garmin NavData subscriptions.

Our largest 29” tires, higher landing weight of 7,255 lbs and lowered zero-fuel weight are now standard for Series III. This increases versatility.


The Kodiak 100 Series III comes with an industry leading program in the utility turboprop category. This program covers scheduled maintenance up to the 4th annual inspection or up to 1,000 flight hours total time, whichever comes first.

In addition to the maintenance package, each new Series III comes with 400 hours of Pratt & Whitney ESP coverage, a year of CAMP maintenance tracking, and one year of Garmin NavData subscriptions.

The Kodiak 100 is designed to fly to the most remote regions of the planet, which is why all new Kodiaks come with a reservation in our factory-taught maintenance training course. Customers can elect to send a trusted mechanic through the course to become a factory authorized Kodiak technician. This ensures that all Kodiaks are within easy reach of service.

*The program is for non-commercial operators and assigned to the original first retail customer.