Kodiak and Garmin Record The Great American Eclipse

The Kodiak Chased The Eclipse Over Southern Idaho

August 2017

This was an event too special to pass up. Just a week before the total eclipse on August 21st, 2017, we organized an expedition to chase the moon’s shadow across Southern Idaho.

We caught up with the center line of the eclipse near Driggs, Idaho. From there we watched the shadow glide across the landscape and overtake us at around 2,000 miles per hour. This was an amazing trip.

On the morning of August 21st, we dispatched a Kodiak from the Quest Aircraft headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho along with our partners from Garmin Aviation with special equipment to record the total solar eclipse from the air. We flew south toward Driggs, Idaho at an altitude of 7500 feet heading 100°.

The Great American Eclipse is unique in that it swept across the entire country from Oregon to South Carolina at over the speed of sound. Our bird’s eye view captured the area around Southern Idaho and Wyoming as day turned to night and the sun’s corona blazed in the sky. Breathtaking!

The team from Garmin, Kindnss and Quest Aircraft Company.

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